The Stars Went Out and Left Us Behind

When did the stars go out and leave us all behind?
The timeless void of space goes on forever,
Jumping out in every direction into the dark abyss,
A cold and empty realm
With a loner at its heart.

When did the night fall on seven billion souls?
The animals have tucked themselves away,
Sleeping in shallow holes in secret caverns
As cold as the sky wrapped around me,
And the seven billion souls left to die.

When did we stop talking to each other?
No ringing phone ever breaks the silence,
The doors remain locked and windows shut,
And all the problems that come with me are trapped
In the dark as the stars blow out like candles.

When was I left with the shadows of my mind?
Voices whisper and wonder but fail to make a sound,
Penetrating my isolation and filling the darkness,
Driving me away from seven billion souls,
Leaving me alone in my own dark cavern.

What is the best way out but doom?
I’m cursed to live this dream,
A darkness with a blade in reality’s back,
Bleeding thick sorrows until the universe ends at forever,
And blocking out the stars in black.

Why should I go on anymore?
The world doesn’t care about Man or Woman or Child,
So long as Society moves on without me, in the dark,
The defunct animal with a broken mind,
Through which the infinite universe floods.

How do I make a stand?
When the world doesn’t listen and the stars have gone out,
And nothing seems right anymore,
I light a candle, let the universe in,
And remember that it gets better.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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One Response to The Stars Went Out and Left Us Behind

  1. take my word for it – it does get better

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