A Semi-Final Plea

I’ve been thinking about the times
When we said we would meet,
For a simple cup of coffee
Or for something to eat,
And how it’s been so long
Since we even last spoke,
And I worry if I call that
I’ll be bound to choke.
That, and the cost, which
I, of course, must pay
Every time we speak, to
Keep the silence away,
Something that’s worth it
To hear your little tales;
Please, don’t say no, lest
This old ship will sail.
We have one more chance
Before all of this ends,
And a dozen or more
To try make amends.
Just answer affirmative
To my frequent pleas
For coffee or food
Or a small cup of tea.

About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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