The Bottom Step

She sits at the bottom step.
It’s her thing now,
Ever since she learned how to sit
Without having to hold on to something.
She sits, she waits, she talks
(Mostly to herself,
Sometimes to whoever’s around.)
She stands up,
Walks a few feet,
She returns to her step,
And she sits down.
She’ll do this four, five times.
Sometimes she tries to climb the stairs.
Sometimes she’s there
When Mamma and Dadda get home.
She sees the car,
She stands by the front door,
She presses her nose against the window,
And she calls for them.
When they get in,
And a few minutes later,
She returns to her step,
Because that’s her thing.

About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin. He is a founding member of Cupán Fae and Limit Break Comics, Editor of Comix Ireland, and runs Red Fox Cards.
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