Last Times

I had a long month,
Filled with poems
And blogs
And awkward videos.
I pause a lot.
I “um” and “ah”
And “eh” and “em”
And it’s really
Fucking annoying.
I tried to write a book.
I put it to rest,
For a while,
Because it was guilt ridden.
That’s not right,
It’s not written,
Deal with it.
The last times,
This month’s last times,
Are made up of endings.
The video failed.
Spectacularly so, even.
The blog post tried to sound…
And the poem?
The poem…

About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin. He is a founding member of Cupán Fae and Limit Break Comics, Editor of Comix Ireland, and runs Red Fox Cards.
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