Welcome to ParagraVerse, a home for prose and poetry, paragraphs and verses. In these pages you’ll find a host of stories and poems by Irish author Paul Carroll, some following particular trends and themes, others standing alone in blissful ignorance of the madness that can go on about them.

It’s all here for free, though you can leave a tip if you like by clicking the jar in the sidebar. You can also find more stories on the Modern Irish Myth website, all of which focus on the events in Ireland around Paul Carroll’s books.

Have a look around, and if something tickles your fancy, be sure to let us know. You can subscribe in the sidebar, or send Paul an email using the Contact page. Enjoy!

ParagraVerseAbout Paul:

Paul is a writer from Dublin. At the age of 22, he has already written a number of books and is working towards publication with a traditional publishing house. His time is divided between writing, working in a bookshop, and scheming.

His biggest interests can be described as ‘geeky’, ‘nerdy’ or ‘humble’. As a result of this, he joined the writing team of The Phantom Zone in August 2011 to review, write articles and interview the people behind the pop culture he follows so passionately.

His interest in people and the written word inspires him to keep writing, and in his years in the trade he has picked up a number of useful tips, and has made even more valuable friendships.

He doesn’t always refer to himself in the third person.

Official website: http://paulcarrollwriter.com

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