I Tried to Tell You

I tried to tell you that I loved you,
I wasn’t sure you’d understand,
But please don’t tell me that I’m silly,
Just be quiet and take my hand.

Let me lead to where dreams live,
Let me show you how I feel,
Just don’t tell me I’m being stupid,
‘Cause those wounds will never heal.

I tried to tell you who we could be,
And all the things that we could do,
But you never wanted to listen
To the love story of me and you.

You turned your back on my big promises,
And laughed when I went on one knee,
You never thought I could be serious,
That was the death of you and me.

I tried to tell you that I loved you,
But you packed up and left our home.
So now I try to just forget you,
And pretend that I’m not here alone.

I tried to tell you that I missed you,
But my friends said ‘No, don’t be mad.
You’re single now, and we’ve been waiting,
For you to come back to the lads.

I tried to call you between bad beers,
While having a smoke outside the door,
But then I saw you walking by me,
With a new guy, you filthy –

I tried to scream out after you,
But my friends pulled me away,
So I wrote this down for you to see,
And now I’ve nothing else to say.

About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin. He is a founding member of Cupán Fae and Limit Break Comics, Editor of Comix Ireland, and runs Red Fox Cards.
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